Burgoynes Ice Skating Hereford

Burgoynes Ice* Rink Hereford

01544 340283 / 07979 536115

Get your skates on and come on into Hereford, where Burgoynes (Lyonshall) Ltd are providing a Skate Rink in Hereford City High Town for the 2nd year from Saturday 26th November until Saturday 31st December 2011.

Join us on Saturday 26th November, and come and meet the Wyvern Street Stars who will be at the rink most of the day having a skate, having a fun time and entertaining the crowds.

With the Christmas Fayre, Farmers Markets, Park and Ride, Late Night Shopping and other events all happening, our skate rink is an exciting addition to the centre of Hereford for people of all ages.

The Skate Rink offers great fun and exercise for everyone to enjoy this winter, with Seasonal Decorations and Christmas songs adding to the festive spirit. Not Skating? - Then enjoy the atmosphere by watching your friends and family skate, or enjoy a hot chocolate or cup of tea from one of the outlets in the city.

If you wish to book the ice*rink for you and your friends then please call 07979 536115 to book your slot.

With over 30 days of skating on offer from November 26th until December 31st, this is a must do Christmas experience.

We look forward to seeing you on the ice*rink!

*Synthetic Ice made from Vitrathene For full TERMS & CONDITIONS please click here.
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Opening Times

Pricing per hour / per person

Skate Sizes

Skates are available from sizes 8 to 11 (Junior Adjustable), 12 to 2 (Junior Adjustable) and 3 to 13 Adults. Only skates supplied by Burgoynes are to be used.

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Where are we?

The ice rink is situated in Hereford High town ........

Hereford Ice Rink